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Upgrading Inspiron 1318 CPU and Screen

I would like to upgrade my Inspiron 1318 processor. The main reason is because I need the Intel VT-x extensions, which the T6500 does not support. What I am concerned about is if the Dell BIOS on the laptop (A06) will not allow VT-x to be enabled. Does anyone have any information about this?

Also, I would like to upgrade my LCD to a higher resolution. Is there such a possible upgrade?

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If the motherboard doesn't support VT-x then you are outta luck.

I don't see a higher resolution upgrade for this model..

Best 2.4Ghz N Router for Range.


I'm currently looking to replace my DIR-655 Rev A3 with a DIR-655 Rev B1 (better CPU and upgraded Atheros chipset).

I've been using the DIR-655 for over a year and yes it has it's share of problems but I'm very use to the D-Link configuration and the range/performance has been very good. I have four laptops in the home all with Atheros chipset WLAN which works very well with the DIR-655 which also has Atheros hardware.

Are there any other routers out there with better range on wireless N with 2.4Ghz and works well with Atheros chipset WLAN?


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The WNDR3700 is a dual-band router but it's all Atheros and worked pretty good with my Intel and Broadcom stuff so it should be good with other Atheros too

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I was looking into the WNDR3700 as a lot users on DSLReportsForum have said it's very good but I'm unsure if it uses a Atheros chipset like the DIR-655.

Also, many users have reported the WNDR3700 V2 (which replaced the V1 in stores) is not as good as the V1 range/performance.

I like the way the router looks as it goes good with my Motorola modem but range/performance and works well with Atheros chipset WLAN is my top priority.

On top of all that it has to be an upgrade from my current DIR-655 Rev A3 in range/performance and Atheros WLAN compatibility.

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Got the WNDR3500Lv2 and when I accidentally turned on a free WAP had half my apartment building on it. It gets good range and is 2.4 only.

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So the WNDR3700 V2 sounds good right now even though I don't need 5Ghz wireless (I think 5Ghz can be tuned off) but I can use the Gigabit LAN/WAN ports for my single wired desktop and Motorola modem which has a Gigabit port.

I just hope I get a WNDR3700 V2 (02R4) as reported by users is good or else a V1 would do.

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Atheros chipset is not a requirement. 801.11n is far from its beginnings and all devices work OK with all kinds of chipsets.

If it's the 2.4GHz range you're after Linksys E4200 is the best by far. It's a bit pricey though.

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I did some more research last night and the Netgear 3700 cannot run in N more only like the DIR-655 which is a minus for me plus the NetGer costs $140 as oppose to $75 for the DIR-655. I'm just not sure it's worth double the cost if I'm not using 5Ghz and all my devices are on N wireless.

I'll look into the Linksys E4200.


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E4200 is quite expensive but take a looks at this table:

Cisco Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Wireless-N Router Reviewed - Wireless Performance 5GHz, Competitive, Closing Thoughts - SmallNetBuilder

Locations E & F are the ones that are far from the router.

As you see E4200 manages close to twice the throughput of WNDR3700 and WNDR3700 v2 in those locations.

The thing is- if all you care is good coverage and speed in all places you'd be better off spending $70 on a Netgear WNR3500L and buying two simple routers like WRT54G (the old Linux ones) to work as WDS.

Buying WNDR3700 or E4200 you're also paying for a lot of RAM, 5GHz band capabilities that you don't seem to need.

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I found this Asus RT-N16: - ASUS RT-N16 802.11b/g/n Gigabit Wireless Router up to 300Mbps DD-WRT Open Source support with USB Storage, Printer And Media Server

The router seems to fit me needs perfectly, 2.4Ghz N and Gigabit WAN/LAN ports.

Most users report the router is very good and an upgrade from the DIR-655 in range/performance and the price looks good too.

Of course the only thing about the RT-N16 is that the stock firmware is very buggy and I'll be either running open source DD-WRT or Tomato.

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Buffalo nfiniti kicks a for range. Bought one for about 110€ worth every penny. Sends a strong signal straight through cement walls let alone other things.

Anyone trading in their m15x for a m14x?

Curious as to the number of people switching to the m14x in place of their m15x. Torn between switching over as I love my m15x but hate the throttling (on battery) and battery life limitations.

Are you taking the plunge, keeping your m15x, or keeping both systems.

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I, for one, do not know what to do.... keep the m15x until my warranty ends or something?


For m14x? for m17x?

Reply 2 : Anyone trading in their m15x for a m14x?

By trade I just meant getting rid of m15x for a newer model since they are doing away with system.

Not sure keeping both systems seems logical.

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Although its very tempting to trade the M15x, since it is supposed to be discontinued, i just can't convince myself to give it up for an M14x simply because the 5850 is such a good card, and I don't want a downgrade in performance for the GT 555M. The only thing that I like about the M14x is that its the ideal size/weight, even though its probably bigger than a standard 14 incher.

Also the M17x/M18x are just too expensive, so I'd rather not go there at all.

Reply 4 : Anyone trading in their m15x for a m14x?

Well, I have a 5730 on my machine.... it might be a better option to trade.... is it? but my system is refurbished....

Reply 5 : Anyone trading in their m15x for a m14x?

I plan on going to the M18x.

Reply 6 : Anyone trading in their m15x for a m14x?

Should've made a poll?

Reply 7 : Anyone trading in their m15x for a m14x?

I'm hoping to trade for a M17x R3.

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Originally Posted by widezu69
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I'm hoping to trade for a M17x R3.

i hope for the same thing

Reply 9 : Anyone trading in their m15x for a m14x?

Yeah good luck to the both of us. I highly doubt it is possible, guess I'll just put mine up for sale and recycle the money.

What's the point of pinned websites (IE9)

So, can somebody explain to me what these are supposed to be good for?

I used to create shortcuts to websites by dragging the FavIcon to my desktop, creating a file with a .url extension. Now (in IE9) when I do that, I get a pinned website on my desktop (.website extension). What does that do that I'd be interested in? Other than having the annoying effect of dragging the browser window associated with that website out of my current IE window? I mean, sheesh, all I want is a shortcut to that site on my desktop, and I have no intention of dragging the browser window around.

Oh, and when I opened a .url shortcut, the website would open in a new tab in my current browser window, which I happened to like. Now I get a new browser window, with a home button that's miraculously moved to the left of the address bar, and Forward and Back buttons of a different color. Is there any point to this?

P.S.: I know that I can get the old behavior by holding shift while dragging, so no reason to elaborate on that. What I really want to know is if these .website shortcuts give me any useful features that the standard .urls don't have.

Reply 1 : What's the point of pinned websites (IE9)

No clue. I've never seen any use for pinned tabs in ANY browser except on my CR-48.

Reply 2 : What's the point of pinned websites (IE9)

i have them pinned to my taskbar to have them bahave like apps. those that i use like apps, not like other pages (facebook, gmail, so when i'm actually browsing, i start with an emty window, like years ago.

Reply 3 : What's the point of pinned websites (IE9)

Pirx, thought provoking as usual. After reading this from Israel Hilerio, Ph.D.

Pinned Sites: Windows 7 Desktop Integration with Internet Explorer 9

I admit much of this is beyond my limited knowledge..

It seems that is geared toward manufacturers who can pin the desktop with all the useful shortcuts (some may call bloatware) in their factory images. For example ASUS - they could set one for their estore to help people get there sans searching. Plus it will pop in a new window thus avoiding confusion for novice computer users (not that there are any contributing to this thread) who think tab is a soft drink.

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Ebay is currently running a targeted 10% ebay bucks promo requiring downloading a customized version of IE w/ebay features. I got an email about it, and since I'm looking at buying enough stuff during the promo, I installed it. Requires Win7.

PIA to install, but once it's there, you right click on the tray icon and all sorts of ebay actions pop right up in a list.

Best I can tell, they're gonna have easy access combined with 'alerts' to keep one 'stoked for bidding'

Don't know much about this, as I don't use IE, don't like 'customized'(read: invasive) software, etc., but for the promo, I'll run it on a spare box.

Afterwards, I'll wipe it and restore the image I saved prior to installing this crap.

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Pinning to the taskbar allows to quickly navigate to a specific part of the web property if it is coded to use IE9 Pinning. Facebook, Linkedin and most of the site on Microsoft's Beauty of the Web Campaign Site have special functionality with pinning.

If you right click the pinned site you get additional options.

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Originally Posted by jnjroach
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Facebook, Linkedin and most of the site on Microsoft's Beauty of the Web Campaign Site have special functionality with pinning.

Ahah, now that is actually interesting! I checked out some of the sites on that Beauty of the Web site, and some of those indeed have some quite useful functionality. Of course, I have neither the time nor the patience for time-wasting cr@p like Facebook or LinkedIn, but the NYTimes site offers some real value in its pinned site handling. Thanks!

On the other hand, none of this is accessible when you drag a link to the desktop (or any folder, for that matter), so I still think IE9's default behavior should be to create a .url link on the desktop or in folders, and to only create a pinned website when dragging into the taskbar. And, of course, there is no reason to remove the website that I am looking at from the current context, in the browser window that I was using when I created the link. That behavior makes no sense at all.

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well, no reason to not like it. if you don't see use, don't use it. i see use for the "always on" pages, so they don't pollute my browser window. they pollute my taskbar, like all the other always open or sometimes-open tasks/apps.

i'm using the ones from chrome, though. but it's similar (not yet using the ie9 additional features, though.. hope they implement that, too)

Stealth Black vs. Nebula Red

With the Alienware M11xR3 and Alienware M14x released today, would you choose the outer shell to be Stealth Black or Nebula Red, and why?

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Nebula Red: It's different than all the other sleek pieces of technology that's being featured this generation. Plus, my favorite colour is red.

Reply 2 : Stealth Black vs. Nebula Red

Nebula Red. Had both but enjoy the uniqueness in the red over the black. Plus it goes well with blue lighting.

Reply 3 : Stealth Black vs. Nebula Red

I would choose red if the entire laptop was red, including the inside. Since it's not, I'd rather have black.

Reply 4 : Stealth Black vs. Nebula Red

Lunar Silver!!!! It makes me sad that they don't offer it anymore, it would look great on the M18x.

If I had to choose between Red or black though, I'd go with black. Red just isn't for me.

Reply 5 : Stealth Black vs. Nebula Red

Def. go with red. I always love picking the flashier of options

Reply 6 : Stealth Black vs. Nebula Red

Red is played out now since the new m11x, m14x, and m17x R3 is being offered in red.

Reply 7 : Stealth Black vs. Nebula Red

Black. Anything other than black or another neutral color diminishes resale value.

Reply 8 : Stealth Black vs. Nebula Red

Voted 'other'. Custom painted

Reply 9 : Stealth Black vs. Nebula Red

Black, since some of the the lightup keyboard colour combinations don't go as well with red as they do with black.

New Monitor for a 386

Hello -

I'm looking for a new monitor for my old 386 PC running Windows 98se (!) What are the chances of finding one in the marketplace today?

Thanks for your help.

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Between stores, ebay, craigslist and thrift shops, chances are very good.

Reply 2 : New Monitor for a 386

I was hoping you would reply - Thanks for the reassurance --

Reply 3 : New Monitor for a 386

It was the usual 15 pin D style. Do you recall what this has?

Reply 4 : New Monitor for a 386

A 15-pin is just a standard VGA connector. I would look for any old CRT VGA monitor that isn't too large. Probably best to go for one of the 15-inch variants, since this is what those computers were designed for. However, I have heard of larger monitors being used on old systems. At any rate, any normal aspect ratio VGA CRT should work fine.

Reply 5 : New Monitor for a 386

Bob - all I can remember is that it's VGA 30 lines

Caldrum2010 - Thanks - I was just about to ask what I should ask/look out for.

Reply 6 : New Monitor for a 386

A bit weird to "reply" to my own post, but thought you'd be interested to know that my existing monitor is nearing 16 years old - doesn't seem at all reasonable.

Reply 7 : New Monitor for a 386

That is pretty old indeed. On the same token, however, you could say the same about a 386 PC. Not exactly cutting-edge technology! But it still used the same old VGA connector, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a standard VGA CRT to upgrade it if you so desire.

Looking for a new [cheap] card !

Hi there,
Sadly my old Geforce MSI NX8600GT has reached it's end, and now i'm looking to buy a new one, but i'm not really updated with all the new technologies and stuff, so i need your help with this!

I don't have a lot of money to spend, my budget for the card is around $50-100 and i really don't want to spend more than that if it's possible.

My actual hard is the following:
Mother: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
Micro: Core 2 Duo E4500 2200MHz
Ram: 2gb DDR2-800
Monitor: Dell ST2410 Full HD 1920x1080
PSU: Powercooler 500w

Keep in mind i don't want to update any other part of the hard for now and i'm not going to perform any overlocking [i'm really afraid of that ahah]

So based on this configuration and the low amount of money i want to spend, what is the best option to go for?
Is the psu enough to support all the things?

Thanks for your time.<span id="INSERTION_MARKER">

Reply 1 : Looking for a new [cheap] card !,2879.html writes:

"The GeForce GTX 460 768 MB delivers impressive performance and a
reasonable price tag, relatively low power usage (especially after
having tested the GF100-based boards), and low noise output. At $150 it
offers enough of an upgrade over the Radeon HD 5770 to garner a solid

A full review is at,2684.html

Reply 2 : Looking for a new [cheap] card !

Hey thanks for your reply!
Unfortunately i live in Argentina, and here the prices are higher when talking about hardware.
For example, the GTX 460 is about $270 sad so i need a cheaper option.

Reply 3 : Looking for a new [cheap] card !

It continues to be a great list to buy from.